Laptop Security Cables

Security Lock Cables for Your Laptop

Using a laptop or notebook as a portable computer is quite common, as it allows you to travel with complete access to your work and personal data and information. However, this aspect makes laptops and notebooks targets for petty theft attempts in public spaces such as airports, restaurants, and classrooms. Most leading manufacturers have lock slots on their laptops and notebooks that allow the owner to secure their device to an immovable object when using them in public spaces.

The Function of a Lock Slot on a Laptop

Lock slots on laptops are strategically located next to an essential component of the device, such as RAM modules, battery packs, or graphics modules. These slots are easily recognisable by their size and/or labels. Kensington slots are the most common, being marked with a slot icon and a capitalised “K”. These slots are 3 mm x 7 mm, making them unique in size when comparing them to regular USB slots. These slots fit T-bar locking mechanisms for a sturdy and resistant security solution.

Noble locks are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm, resulting in a taller and narrower slot that fits a wedge lock as opposed to a T-bar lock. It is critical that you can identify the type of lock slot on your device, as it will determine the type of security slot that will fit your device. Dell laptops would normally feature Noble lock slots, while HP and Acer laptops would normally have Kensington slots. Other hardware such as routers, monitors, and external audio devices can also feature lock slots. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of laptop security slots to ensure that you can secure all your devices in public spaces or at home.

Our Selection of Laptop Security Cables and Slots

Our products feature commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium on the locking assemblies. These assemblies can either be operated with a round key or a combination lock, dependent on the specific product. The locking mechanism is attached to a galvanised steel cable that is sheathed in PVC for additional resistance to common knives and scissors. Our products also include a warranty to attest to the quality of the products, along with a table clamp to secure the cable and your devices efficiently.

Workstations that utilise multiple monitors or additional hardware can take advantage of our laptop security cables that have multiple lock heads. Dell and HP monitors would commonly feature lock slots, which makes security cables with multiple lock heads a feasible solution to secure multiple devices with a single cable. Therefore, you can optimise your workstations for public use within classrooms or offices. You can also add some security at home to ensure that your devices are safe in the case of a break-in.

Legion is your first choice when it comes to laptop security cables that can fit Kensington or Noble lock slots. From single-lock laptop cables to multi-lock cable workstation solutions, our products can give you the means to secure your devices. For more info, please browse our website for images, details, and prices. Secure your devices today with our products.

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