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Lock Cables for Lenovo Laptops and Notebooks

Since the launch of laptops and notebooks, people have been utilising the comfort and accessibility that such devices bring to the proverbial table. Lenovo is a popular brand of notebooks and laptops, offering a sensible range of hardware to accommodate your needs. Now that you have a Lenovo, you can secure your device to an immovable object or structure when using it in public spaces or at home with a lock cable that fits the lock slot on your device. This is where Legion’s range of laptop and notebook lock cables can deliver a solution for you and your business.

What is a Lock Slot?

Lock slots have been incorporated into the majority of hardware in today’s IT market – from small notebooks to external sound controllers and video capture devices. These slots are designed to fit a lock head to allow them to be attached to another object via a lock cable. Lenovo laptops and notebooks are generally fitted with Kensington slots, and can also feature their Nano variants on smaller and more compact devices. Regular K-slots are 3 mm x 7 mm and marked with a “K” and a small lock icon adjacent to the slot.

K-slots fit a T-bar lock head that turns into place when locked, delivering a robust level of resistance when someone tries to force such a lock head from its slot. The lock slot is located adjacent to an essential component as well. Therefore, if someone manages to forcefully break the lock head from the slot, they will cause damage to the adjacent essential component, rendering the device useless and irreparable. As a result, nothing can be directly accessed on the device, protecting your personal data in the process.

Lock Cables for Multiple Devices

Docking stations are generally used for workstations to allow laptop and notebook owners to simply plug in a mouse, keyboard, and display monitor. Such hardware can also feature lock slots, which is commonly the case with display monitors. This means that you can secure these devices along with your laptop at a workstation, and with our custom lock cable solutions, you can get the idea cable for your entire workstation.

We use commercial-grade steel and alloys to manufacture our lock heads, attaching them to cables that are made from high-tensile steel and sheathed in a layer of PVC for optimal resistance. The cable and lock head are attached with a swivel head to allow the cable to move freely without applying any unintentional strain to the lock head. We offer single and multiple lock head cables to give you an answer to secure your Lenovo along with other hardware at your workstation, whether you are working from home or in an office. We also offer a choice between round-key and combination locks to suit your preferences.

Legion is your first choice for quality cable locks in South Africa. If you own a Lenovo, we have a lock cable that will suit your needs. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and ensure that your hardware is protected against petty theft attempts when using them in public spaces.

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