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Lock Cables for Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo laptops are compact and easy to travel with. The majority of these notebooks are fitted with Kensington lock slots. Also called K-slots, these lock slots are designed to fit T-bar locking mechanisms for resistance against applied force. Legion manufactures and sells a wide selection of laptop cable locks that are compatible with K-slots, ensuring that you can use your Lenovo in public spaces without having to worry about a petty grab-and-run theft attempt.

How Does a Laptop Cable Lock Protect My Lenovo?

The concept of a cable lock is to fasten the cable to an immovable object and lock the mechanism into the K-slot of your device. This attaches your device to that immovable object, making it increasingly difficult to simply grab the device and run away. Although it is possible to break the locking head free from the K-slot, the device will be damaged beyond repair in such a case.

Apart from the obvious and noticeable aesthetic damage where the lock has been broken free, K-slots are strategically placed to damage an essential component on the device when the lock is forced form its socket. Therefore, your Lenovo will not be functional anymore, rendering it useless for the thief and protecting your personal information in the process.

Which Slot on My Lenovo is the K-Slot?

Kensington lock slots are commonly marked with a “K” and a little slot icon next to it. The slot’s size is 3 mm x 7 mm, giving it a clear distinction to common USB and HDMI slots. The location of the slot will depend on the specific Lenovo model that you own. K-slots are also common on other hardware such as printers, external audio controllers, and display monitors.

Using a Laptop Cable Lock for My Entire Workstation

At Legion, we manufacture quality laptop cable locks that are compatible with Kensington lock slots. We offer single laptop locks that are ideal for Lenovo laptops, along with cables that feature multiple locking heads. These cables are designed for workstations, allowing you to secure multiple devices with a single cable. They can also be useful in storefronts, securing several devices that are on display.

We use commercial-grade steel, brass, and aluminium to manufacture the locking mechanisms. Our products include a choice between 4-digit combination locks and round-key locks. We use galvanised steel to manufacture the cables that attach to the locking mechanisms. The steel is sheathed in a layer of PVC to increase its resistance to common cutting tools such as a pocketknife or scissors. Now, you have the means to secure your Lenovo wherever you want to use your device. No matter if you are on an airplane or at home.

When you need a laptop cable lock for your Lenovo laptop, Legion is your first choice. We offer a wide variety of laptop locks that are compatible with K-slots, along with custom cables that feature multiple lock heads for workstations. For more info on our products, please browse our website for details and prices. Take your laptop security game to the next level with our wide selection of K-slot-compatible laptop locks today.

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