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If you are in the market for a security lock cable for your notebook, Legion is your supplier in South Africa! We offer a wide selection of cables that fits 3 of the most common lock slots – including the K-slot lock, Noble lock, and Nano lock. Most leading brands of slim and thin notebook manufacturers utilise Noble and K-slot Nano locks on their devices – catering to the compact and slim nature of the specific device, without compromising on the effectiveness of a security cable.

What is the Purpose of a Notebook Security Cable?

Notebook security cables are designed to operate in a similar fashion to bicycle chains – attaching your device to a heavy or immovable object to discourage petty theft attempts. We live in a world where people can get access to all their personal and professional digital account from a single device. Although a notebook is a comfortable and useful accessory, it is also a high-priority target for theft attempts. Luckily, when using your notebook in public spaces, you can secure your device with the use of a notebook security cable from Legion!

What is a Nano Lock and How Does it Work?

Nano locks refer to smaller, more compact, Kensington lock slots that are usually found on notebooks and ultra slim devices. Lenovo is an ideal example of a notebook manufacturer/brand that uses this type of lock slot on their devices. Kensington lock slots fit T-bar locks that rotate into place to provide perpendicular resistance when locked in place. The Nano lock also fits a T-bar locking mechanism that is specifically designed for thinner and smaller devices.

The Legion Ultra Slim Notebook Key Lock

Our Legion ultra slim notebook key lock is the perfect choice for any notebook that features a Nano lock slot. This key lock is compatible with Nano lock slots and operates with a round key locking mechanism. The lock assembly is manufactured from zinc alloy and features a master key option as well. The lock head attaches with a swivel joint to a 2-m cable that is sheathed in dark smoke PVC to provide optimal resistance to standard cutting tools.

The Legion 3-in-1 Key Notebook Lock

Our Legion 3-in-1 key notebook lock is the perfect solution for someone who owns multiple devices and wants a single cable for them all. This security lock cable features 3 lock head types that fit K-slot Standard, Noble, and Nano locks respectively for your convenience. The locking device has a push-to-lock feature for easy and user-friendly functionality. The cable also includes a Velcro strap and a 3-year warranty to give you the peace of mind that your security cable is durable and able to protect your device.

When shopping for a notebook security cable that is compatible with a Nano lock, Legion is your answer! With the holiday season around the corner, we can be your one-stop shop for notebook accessories – with our selection of carry cases and backpacks that complement our security cables. Browse our website for details and prices on our available products and place your order with us today.

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