Notebook Combination Locks

Securing Your Notebook in Public Spaces

Notebooks are smaller, more compact, versions of laptops, offering less overall performance in trade for a lighter and easier-to-carry device. These devices are vastly popular among business-oriented people and those who like to take their devices with them when they travel. The benefits of notebooks are endless especially regarding quick access to your work and personal accounts on the go. With a combination notebook lock, you can secure your device to an immovable object when using it in public spaces such as presentation rooms, coffee shops, and airports.

Legion’s Selection of Products

When it comes to notebook locks, we offer a wide range that covers round key and combination locking mechanisms. We manufacture our lock heads using quality mild steel and alloys, with a selection of lock heads that are compatible with Kensington, Noble, and NANO lock slots. For notebooks, you are most likely looking for Noble- or NANO-compatible cable locks, dependent on the lock slot on your device. The function of a cable lock is to loop around an immovable object and attach your device to that object with the lock head. Therefore, the cable must also be sturdy and provide proper resistance against applied force and sharp objects.

We manufacture our cables from galvanised steel and sheathe them in a layer of PVC plastic. As a result, the cables require more than a simple pocketknife to cut through them. Although it is possible to force the lock head free from the lock slot on your notebook, the lock slot is cleverly designed to discourage such attempts. Hardware manufacturers ensure that an essential component of your notebook will be damaged in the event of the lock slot being compromised, rendering the device irreparable and protecting your personal data in the process.

Securing My Notebook Wherever I Go

COVID-19 has put a damper on travelling and is still limiting our ability to return to how things were. However, lockdown restrictions are easing off as a result of the vaccine rollouts, opening the possibility of entering public spaces again. With a 4-digit combination lock for your notebook, you can use your device wherever you go while knowing that your device is secured, and your personal information is protected.

Notebook Cable Locks for Workstations

If you own a notebook, you are familiar with docking stations and setting up your device on a workstation. We offer notebook lock cables that feature multiple lock heads to give you the means to secure other devices on your workstation as well while only using a single cable. Hardware such as display monitors, printers, scanners, and external audio controllers also feature lock slots and can be secured in the same manner as your notebook. Now, you can protect all your devices with ease and accessibility.

Legion offers a wide range of notebook cable locks to suit your preference, whether you prefer a round-key-operated or a combination lock mechanism. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and contact us directly with any enquiries. Ensure the safety of your hardware with Legion’s quality cable locks today.

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