Notebook Combination Locks

Cable Locks for Notebooks

Notebooks are smaller and more compact in comparison to laptops, utilising smaller lock slots to accommodate the size. These lock slots are designed to fit specific locking mechanisms that are unique and strategically located next to an essential component of the notebook to not only protect the device, but also protect your personal information on the device itself. If you are looking for a quality combination lock cable for your notebook, Legion is your answer. We also offer round-key operated lock slots.

Our Selection of Lock Cables for Notebooks

We manufacture a variety of laptop and notebook lock cables that feature different cable lengths and locking mechanisms that are compatible with K-slots, Noble slots, or NANO slots. We also manufacture lock cables that feature multiple lock heads when you are working at a workstation and want to secure several devices with a single cable. Whether you prefer a combination or round-key lock, we feature both types in our selection of products. All that remains, is to correctly identify the type of lock slot on your notebook so that you can get the ideal lock cable for your device.

At Legion, we deliver quality products that are manufactured from quality materials to ensure that you can secure your notebook with the peace of mind that your device and personal data is safe. We use commercial-grade mild steel and alloys to manufacture the lock heads of our combination and round-key locking mechanisms. The lock heads attach with a swivel to the cables, which are manufactured from galvanised steel and sheathed in a layer of PVC. As a result, the cable offers optimal resistance against common cutting tools such as a pair of scissors or a basic pocketknife. Now, you can relax and know that your device is safely secured when your lock cable is attached to it.

Using your Lock Cable Wherever You Go

Notebooks are very compact and easy to use in coffee shops, airports, and for presentations. With a combination notebook lock, you can secure your device to avoid a quick grab-and-run theft attempt and protect your device and personal data in the process. A single lock cable is easy to use and loop around an object, and only takes up a little space in your travel bag being one of the most efficient ways to secure your device in public spaces. Although it is possible to break the lock head free from the device, it will leave the thief with a worthless piece of hardware that is irreparably damaged as a result.

Legion is your first choice if you are looking for a combination notebook lock for your device. We offer a wide range of choices as well, including round-key and combination locking mechanisms, along with lock cables that feature single or multiple lock heads. Please browse our website for details on our available products, including prices, images, and specifications on each product. Secure your notebook today with one of our combination locks.

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