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Notebook Security Lock Cables that are Compatible with Nano Lock Slots

If you are looking for a notebook security lock cable that is compatible with a Nano lock slot, Legion is your first choice in South Africa! We have a wide range of laptop and notebook security lock cables that offer various types of lock heads that are compatible with K-slot standard and Nano, as well as Noble wedge lock slots. We also sell a sensible selection of carry cases and backpacks to allow you to carry and travel with your notebook within a protective bag.

What Can I Benefit from Using a Notebook Security Cable?

Notebook security cables are designed to discourage petty theft attempts when using your notebook in public spaces. These spaces include airport lobbies, coffee shops, and classrooms – giving you the means to attach your notebook to a heavy or immovable object and ensure the protection of your device and the stored data on it. Our range of notebook security lock cables that are compatible with Nano lock slots feature quality materials and a cable that is sheathed in a layer of PVC plastic to deliver optimal resistance against common cutting tools such as scissors and pocketknives.

The Nano lock slot fits a smaller version of the standard K-slot T-bar locking mechanism and is commonly featured on smaller notebooks such as Lenovo models. These lock slots offer perpendicular resistance when a locking mechanism is locked into place – delivering increased resistance to any force being applied to the lock itself. They are also strategically located adjacent to an essential component of the notebook, which can include the battery, display module, or RAM modules. Therefore, if the locking mechanism is broken free from the Nano lock slot, it would cause irreparable damage to the device – rendering it useless and protecting your personal information that is stored on your device.

Legion Believes in Quality

When you buy a notebook security cable that fits your device’s Nano lock slot from Legion, your cable will carry a warranty to ensure the quality and durability of the product. Most cables also include Velcro straps and spacers. Businesses can utilise our security lock cables for workstations in the office and storefronts can use them to secure demo models that are on display. When it comes to personal use, a security lock cable is the ideal solution for travelling and securing your device whenever you use it.

The 3-in-1 Key Notebook Lock

If you need a security lock cable that can cater to standard K-slot (3 mm x 7 mm), the Nano lock slot (2,5 mm x 6 mm), or a Noble lock slot (3,2 mm x 4,5 mm), the Legion 3-in-1 key notebook lock is your all-inclusive solution. This security cable features 3 unique lock heads to fit almost any type of lock slot on your device. The lock heads feature push-to-lock functionality and operates with a round key to unlock. It comes with a 3-year warranty as well.

Legion is your answer to security lock cables that are compatible with Nano lock slots. Feel free to browse our website for details and prices and order yours today. Experience a peace of mind when using your notebook in public spaces with a Legion security cable on your side.

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