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LEGION 3 in 1 Combination Notebook Multi Lock


Legion 3-in-1 Combination Notebook Lock.*(Fit for 3 different security slots: Standard 3x7mm & Nano 2.5x6mm and Wedge 3.2×4.5mm.)

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Product Details

  • STD Cable Diameter : 4.4mm STD
  • Cable Length : 2m
  • Cable Material :   Straight cable sheathed in dark smoke PVC coating with 360 degrees swivel cable joint.
  • Locking Assembly : 3 Lockheads for slot compatibility.*Zink alloyed lock body with 4 digit combination mechanism, nickel finish.
  • Locking Device :  Puch-to-lock feature – easy & user-friendly operation
  • Components Included : 1  Velcro strap 3 YEAR WARRANTY