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Quality Computer Security Products for Your Laptop or Notebook

When you want to buy computer security products and accessories for your laptop or notebook, Legion is your first choice in South Africa! We have an online store that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you need. Our store gives you all the necessary details on our available products and allows you to directly purchase your desired products while you browse. Today, we discuss some of our options for laptops and notebooks and the importance of having a security lock cable when using your device in public spaces.

Using My Device in Public Spaces

Laptops and notebooks allow us to use our personal devices in public spaces such as restaurants, coffee shops, airport lobbies, and classrooms. However, this can entice someone to simply grab your device and run – which is where a security lock cable comes into play. Laptops and notebooks feature lock slots that allow their owners to attach them to heavy or immovable objects. There are commonly 3 types of lock slots on modern-day devices, consisting of a K-slot Standard, K-slot Nano, and Noble wedge lock slot. Dependent on the specific brand and type of device, your device will feature a corresponding lock slot.

How Does a Security Lock Cable Protect My Device?

Our range of computer security products offers a diverse selection of security lock cables – with options for all 3 lock slot types mentioned earlier. These lock cables can be compared to a bicycle lock – where one end loops through the other end and plugs into your device’s specific lock slot. The primary function of a security lock cable is to discourage any petty theft attempt and serves a secondary function if the lock cable is forcefully removed from the lock slot.

In such an event, the force will cause irreparable damage to the device, as the lock slot is strategically located adjacent to an essential component of your device. As a result, the device is rendered useless – protecting the personal and sensitive information on your device and leaving the thief with nothing.

The Legion 3-in-1 Combination Notebook Multi-Lock

The Legion 3-in-1 combination notebook multi-lock is one of the more versatile items in our range of computer security products. This security lock cable features 3 distinct lock heads that are compatible with K-slot Standard, K-slot Nano, and Noble wedge lock slots respectively. The cable’s length is 2 m and is manufactured from galvanised high-tensile steel that is sheathed in a dark-smoke PVC plastic layer and connected to the locking mechanism with a swivel joint to minimise unwanted forces being applied to the lock heads.

The combination lock offers 10 000 possible combinations. The cable includes a bumper spacer and Velcro strap, along with a 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind that your security lock cable will last for a while to come.

Legion is your all-inclusive answer when you are looking for quality computer security products in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available products and place your order directly with us today!

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