Quality Laptop Lock Cables in South Africa

Are you looking for quality laptop lock cables and accessories in South Africa? Legion is your first choice! We offer an online store that you can browse to your heart’s content to find the perfect lock cable that is compatible with your device, as well as an essential selection of backpacks and carry cases to give you the means to carry your device with you, wherever you go. Today, we discuss the different types of lock slots that are used on laptops today, as well as corresponding options to ensure that you can buy the perfect laptop lock cable for your device.

Lock Slot Types

Lock slots are featured on almost any laptop, notebook, and IT hardware such as consoles, display monitors, and printers. There are 3 types of lock slots that are most used on laptops. These include K-slot Standard, K-slot Nano, and Noble wedge lock slots. Kensington lock slots fit T-bar rotating lock heads that offer perpendicular resistance to any applied force, while Noble lock slots fit wedge locks that are perfect for slimmer and thinner devices, such as Dell laptops.

The Legion Key Notebook Lock

If you are in the market for a laptop lock cable that fits standard K-slots (3 mm x 7 mm), the Legion Key Notebook lock cable is an ideal option. The cable length is 1,8 m and is manufactured from galvanised high-tensile steel that is sheathed in a layer of clear PVC plastic. The locking assembly is operated with a key and manufactured from commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium. This security lock cable includes a set of 2 keys, a table clamp and screw, a foam spacer, and a 3-year warranty.

The Legion Wedge Key Notebook Lock

When your device features a Noble wedge lock slot (3,2 mm x 4,5 mm), the Legion Wedge Key Notebook laptop lock cable is perfect for your device. This lock cable is 2 m in length and features a single lock head that is operated by a round key. The locking assembly features a Zink alloy lock body with a tubular key locking mechanism. The cable includes a set of 2 keys, a table clamp and screw, a foam spacer, and a 3-year warranty to ensure that you can use this cable for the foreseeable future.

The Legion Combination Lock Nano

If your device is fitted with a Nano K-slot (2,5 mm x 6 mm), the Legion Combination Lock Nano can be your solution to an ideal laptop lock cable. The locking assembly on this lock cable features a 4-digit combination lock that allows 10 000 unique combinations. The cable is sheathed in a dark smoke PVC plastic layer and comes with a bumper spacer and Velcro strap. This laptop lock cable also has a 3-year warranty.

Legion is your answer when you need a laptop lock cable for your device in South Africa! Feel free to browse our online store to find the perfect lock cable for your laptop and contact us today with any questions about our products. Take advantage of a proper laptop lock cable for your device with Legion in your corner!

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