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Secure Your Desktop with a Desktop Lock from Legion Computer Accessories

\"DesktopMillions of computers are stolen every year, and most of these thefts happen to laptops. However, it is also possible for desktop computer users to end up victims of theft. Because computers nowadays are relatively lightweight and smaller than they used to be, they can still be lifted relatively easily – even desktops – and this makes it possible for a thief to walk away with them. Desktop computers are easy to sell on to someone else and online and in some cases, employees are held responsible for the theft of desktops in the office.

While modern laptops sometimes have tracking mechanisms that can locate the laptop, these are not commonly found in desktops. Because few desktops have Wi-Fi, they are unable to send a signal to be traced when they are not switched on. This means that when your desktop goes missing, it can be virtually impossible to find it. The only way to ensure the safety of your desktop is to use a desktop lock to safeguard it.

Because a desktop lock is a physical way of security a desktop computer, it is more effective at keeping theft at bay. It is actually quite easy to use a desktop lock, even if a lock mount is not already built into the computer. Most of these centre on preventing or restricting movement of the desktop so that nobody can just pick it up and walk out with it.

Most of the desktop locks on the market today consist of a cable, which is made of solid metal; this cable is locked onto a loop on the desktop and then anchored to a solid object such as a wall mount, a floor mount or even a desk. The most well-known desktop lock is the Kensington locking kit, and these are so advanced that they can adapt to most desktops, even if a lock port is not built into the desktop.

If you don’t want to anchor the desktop computer with a cable, it is possible to invest in a lockdown plate. This plate is secured and anchored to a solid object, such as a desk, and the desktop is secured to the plate with bolts. It is possible to unlock the computer from the plate by using a key or a combination lock.

While no lock is 100% infallible, stealing a computer that has been locked down can be very difficult. Usually, laptop or desktop computer thefts are opportunistic, and the very idea that the computer is locked down will deter a lot of thieves looking for a quick score.

If you are looking for a safe and easy way to secure your desktop, give our desktop lock a try.

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