Securing Your Laptop

Treat Your Laptop as Currency: Secure it With The Right Bags and Locks with Security Cables

Sound too extreme? We do not think so. As one of the leading computer security manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa, we are no strangers to the latest laptop theft statistics. Although housebreaking is the number one crime in South Africa, snatch-and-grabs and on-and-off campus theft are not very far behind.

Each month in South Africa, millions of laptops and tablets are stolen right under the noses of users. It happens in the office, on trains, in coffee shops, on-campus library, and off campus at student housing. With South Africa’s escalating crime rate, it makes sense to keep your investment well secured with a lock and in a laptop bag.

Laptop Lock: Your 1st Line of Defence

As specialists in the provision of laptop security, we believe that your first line of defence should be a laptop lock, followed by a quality, waterproof laptop case or backpack. Providing you with the comfort and peace of mind knowing that your investment is always secure, every modern laptop manufactured after the late 80s comes with a Kensington slot that works with a laptop lock.

These locks are perfect for on and off campus, the office, or in any public space. Using them is easy. Like a bicycle chain lock, find a steadfast, fixed anchor point and wrap the cable around the object, and your laptop will become theft-proof. A laptop lock makes it easy to secure your device to a cupboard, burglar bar, desk, table, or any object that is going to need serious manpower to remove.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we provide South Africans with an exceptional quality range of combination and key laptop locks that come in standard lengths that vary between 1.5 m and 2 m. Or, we can customise a unique lock to suit your device and needs. Besides our locks, we also supply USB ports, cooling pads, media cards, minivacs, USB lamps, ID cards, and privacy screen filters. But no laptop is secure without a quality, theft-proof laptop bag.

Laptop Bags: For Extra Precaution Against Damage and Snatch-and-Grabs

As computer security experts and certified laptop locks suppliers, we also believe that if you want your investment to last years, then it needs a quality, waterproof cover to protect it from laptop pinchers and damage from falls, slips, trips, and bangs.

We Provide Laptop Locks, Accessories, and Bags

Aside from our wide selection of key and combination locks and security laptop accessories, we also provide a superior-quality selection of laptop top loaders, clamshells, and over-the-shoulder bags with adjustable straps. For women, we carry a classic selection of red, black, or blue top loader bundle carrier bags that come with a USB wired mouse and several zipped compartments.

Laptops are pricey investments, which is reason to treat them as currency. To avoid having to repair one or buy a new one, secure it in a bag and lock it up with a security cable from Legion Computer Security Accessories.

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