Security Lock Cables for Dell Laptops and Notebooks

When you need a security lock cable for your Dell laptop or notebook, Legion is your supplier in South Africa! We manufacture and sell Dell locks that are compatible with Noble wedge lock slots – commonly found on Dell devices – as well as cables that are compatible with K-slot Standard and Nano lock slots. Legion also offers a selection of backpacks and carry cases for a comprehensive range of laptop and notebook accessories.

Noble Wedge Lock Slots

Noble wedge lock slots are the definitive choice on slimmer, thinner, and smaller laptops and notebooks – providing a lock slot that has a smaller footprint to fit these devices. Dell notebooks are normally fitted with a Noble wedge lock slot that is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm in size. As opposed to a Kensington lock slot that fits a T-bar mechanism, a Noble lock slot fits a wedge locking mechanism that doesn’t require any vertical space to lock into place.

Considering Dell Locks for Travelling and Using in Public Spaces

Dell locks are ideal for public spaces and travelling purposes – securing your Dell notebook to a heavy or immovable object to discourage theft attempts. A security lock cable loops around itself to attach your device to an object, much like a bicycle chain does. When travelling with your device, you can use your security lock cable wherever and whenever you plan to work on your device in public spaces – giving you peace of mind that your device, and its contents, are protected.

How Can Dell Locks Protect My Personal Information?

Lock slots are specifically designed to serve a dual purpose when it comes to security measures. Lock slots are adjacent to essential components on a laptop or notebook, which means that the essential component must first be removed to gain access to the lock slot. As a result, in the event that your Dell lock is forcefully removed from your device, it will cause damage to the adjacent essential component and render the device useless/non-functional.

The Legion Wedge Combination Notebook Lock

When it comes to our range of Dell locks, or security lock cables that are compatible with Dell notebooks, the Legion Wedge Combination Notebook lock is an ideal candidate for someone who only wants a single security lock cable for their device. This lock fits Noble wedge lock slots and features a 4-digit combination locking mechanism that delivers 10 000 possible combinations. The mechanism connects to a galvanised, high-tensile steel cable via a swivel joint, sheathed in a dark-smoke PVC coating for optimal resistance against standard cutting tools. This cable carries a 3-year warranty and includes a bumper spacer and Velcro strap for your convenience.

When you need a solution to Dell locks in South Africa, Legion is your first choice! We offer security lock cables that feature single and multiple lock heads and are compatible with Noble, K-slot, Standard, and K-slot Nano lock slots respectively. Please browse our website for details and prices on our available security lock cables and place your order directly with us today. Level up your notebook security game with Legion in your corner in 2023!

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