Top-Quality Cable Locks for Laptops and Notebooks

Travel restrictions are lifting, and people are eager to get back to their jet-setting ways. If you love to travel and take your laptop or notebook with you on your travels, Legion is the perfect answer when it comes to accommodating accessories such as backpacks, carry cases, and security lock cables for your device. Today, we will discuss the benefits of having a security lock cable, how it works, and what you can expect from our products when choosing Legion!

What is a Security Lock Cable?

A notebook security lock cable is designed to attach your device to a heavy or immovable object to give you the freedom to use your device wherever and whenever, especially in public spaces where it can attract sticky fingers. Notebooks and laptops feature dedicated lock slots that fit specific types of locks. These lock slot types include Kensington, Noble, and NANO K-slots as the 3 most common types that are used by leading computer manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo. At Legion, we manufacture and sell security lock cable that are compatible with each of these types of lock slots respectively.

How Does a Notebook Security Lock Cable Work?

Our selection of lock cables is designed to loop around an object at one end and plug into your device at the other. With the lock in place, your device is attached to the object – discouraging petty theft attempts and giving you the peace of mind to not only protect your device, but also any sensitive or private data on your device. In the case where your notebook is forcefully broken free from the lock cable, it would cause irreparable damage to an essential component on your device, rendering the device useless and worthless.

Legion’s Selection of Notebook Security Lock Cables

At Legion, we believe in quality products for our customers – so much so, that we put a warranty on most of our lock cables. We use high-quality steel and alloys to manufacture our lock heads, with the choice between different lock heads that fit different lock slot types. We also offer a choice between 4-digit combination and standard round-key locking mechanisms to suit your preferences. We attach the lock heads to a cable that is manufactured from high-tensile steel and sheathed in PVC to ensure that the cable delivers optimal resistance when someone tries to cut it with a pocketknife or scissors.

If you have an office workstation, Legion offers notebook security lock cables that have multiple lock heads to allow you to attach several devices with a single lock cable. We also have custom solutions to ideally match your workstation setup and the various lock slots from all your devices. Our solutions can also cater to storefronts that have demo models on display.

When you need a notebook security lock cable, trust that Legion has the perfect solution for you! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and get yours today at an affordable price. Protect your notebook when using it in public spaces with Legion’s range of products on your side!

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