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Protect Your Investment with Legion Computer Accessories’ Top-Quality Laptop Bags for Sale

A laptop is indispensable for today’s world. In fact, after smartphones, laptops are the most widely purchased item. And like a smartphone, its price can set anyone back financially, which is reason enough to keep it protected from wear and tear, not to mention prying hands.

No one should carry their laptop and other essential gadgets in their hands, especially not in the streets of South Africa. You need to protect your investment – and laptop bags do just that. Having evolved over the years to become durable covers made from the most hi-tech quality materials, you can find laptop bags for sale that boast foam padding to protect against impact and hard surfaces. They also offer extra features such as water-repellent sleeves, and tiny, secure compartments for your mouse, charger, drives, writing material, and other laptop accessories.

Laptop bags make it easy and convenient to take everything you need everywhere you go. But with so many types of laptop bags on the market that boast better features than the next, choosing the right one to meet your needs, style and budget are never easy. Fortunately, at Legion Computer Accessories, we make it easy for you.

The Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Computer Security Gadgets

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of computer security gadgets and devices, we believe that laptops should be kept safely in a quality waterproof or leather bag. Aside from our selection of key and combination locks, USB ports, cooling pads, media cards, minivacs, USB lamps, ID cards, and privacy screen filters, we also provide South Africans with the finest range of sturdy, smart and fashionable laptop bags for sale at prices you can afford.

Perfect for students and executives, our waterproof backpacks and rolling backpacks are ergonomically engineered to carry the weight of the laptop evenly on your shoulders and back. Designed with extra padding and compartments to hold accessories like drives, chargers, cables and any other gadgets required, our backpacks come in various styles and sizes that range from 14 to 15.6″ to 17.3″.

We also provide a stylish and practical selection of premium quality leather laptop bags found in a variety of colours, shapes and styles, and a stylish women’s’ black and white pin-stripe bag that will make the perfect gift for a special occasion. Besides our lady\’s collection, we also carry black standard top loaders, and red, black, and blue top loader bundle carriers. Leaving no one out, we also supply a waterproof Port design clamshell option, perfect for customers that require adjustable straps.

For more information about our various laptop bags on sale, simply call us at 081 559 5438 or send an email to

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