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\"\"With over 20 years of experience in the computer-accessory industry, Legion Computer Accessories knows a thing or two about laptops and the various features that enhance their usability. When it comes to laptop accessories, we offer a whole range of products. They are built to last, improve the user experience, and protect your security. Investing in our various computer accessories can make using your laptop a far easier and more enjoyable feat. Three of our most popular laptop accessories are:

  • Security locks: Laptop security locks are a brilliant idea if you want to ward off potential theft and ensure the ultimate safety of your device. Simply attach one of our locks to the universal security slot (USS) that is located on the back or side of your laptop and attach the other end to a heavy object such as a table. Locks can only be opened with a combination code or a key and thus your device will remain in place until you decide to unlock it. Security accessories are a great choice for those who work in public areas and want to protect their valuable devices. We might not be able to prevent crime entirely, but we can certainly protect your laptop.
  • Screen privacy filters: If you’re working with confidential information, a laptop privacy filter will effectively shield classified information from prying eyes. This technology aims to protect computer users against a phenomenon known as visual hacking. While we might be familiar with cyberattacks, many forget the possible threat of passers-by being able to access critical information. Screen filters are made of plastic and are able to protect the contents on your computer monitor by hindering certain viewing angles. Only those looking directly at the screen from a close distance can read what is on the screen. We have filters available for 12,5-inch screens and 14-inch screens.
  • Type C converters: These accessories are great for clients who have older devices. While USB-C is a popular, modernised standard for all computers, some older models utilise audio jacks. These converters are reversible and thus save you precious time and energy. We have two popular options when it comes to converters, namely the Type C to Display Port (DP) model and the Type C to High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) model. Chat to our friendly consultants today and they will happily advise you on what model is needed for your device.

Why Choose Legion Computer Accessories for Your Laptop Needs?

We have been in the industry for more than 20 years and thus we’re experienced when it comes to computers and their various accessories. We believe in quality design and affordability and our creative design team is always ready to create custom-designed items. Our products are locally manufactured and they come with a generous warranty to ensure user satisfaction.

Peruse our website or get in touch with us and we’ll chat with you about our various accessory options. We are passionate about everything computer-related and can’t wait to help you today.

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