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Your Manufacturer and Supplier of Laptop Lock Cables in South Africa

Are you looking for an online store that features a sensible selection of laptop lock cables and accessories in South Africa? Legion is your first choice! We supply and manufacture an all-inclusive range of security lock cables, backpacks, and carry cases that are ideal for your laptop and notebook needs – whether you are constantly travelling or simply using your device for work or school. Today, we talk about the different types of lock slots, how to identify them correctly, and the function of a security laptop lock cable.

3 Distinct Security Lock Slots

A laptop lock cable is designed to be compatible with a lock slot that sits on the device itself. For most brands, you will find 3 types of lock slots – one of which is present on your device. Kensington Standard lock slots are the most common option, with a 3-mm x 7-mm slot size that is marked with a small lock icon and a “K” inside the lock icon. This lock slot fits a T-bar locking mechanism that rotates into place when locked to provide perpendicular resistance to any external force being applied to the lock cable.

When it comes to slimmer, thinner, and smaller laptops and notebooks, you are most likely going to find a K-slot Nano or Noble wedge lock slot on your device. The K-slot Nano has a 2,5 mm x 6 mm slot size and works like its Standard counterpart, while the Noble lock slot has a 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm slot size and fits a wedge locking mechanism that expands horizontally when locked as opposed to rotating. Noble lock slots are common on Dell laptops and notebooks. At Legion, we offer options that are compatible with all 3 of these lock slot types to ensure that you can buy a laptop lock cable that fits your device.

How Can I Use My Security Lock Cable Efficiently?

A laptop lock cable is an essential component to not only protect your device from petty theft attempts, but also your personal and sensitive information that is stored on your device. Security lock cables are designed to loop around heavy or immovable objects and plug into your device to attach your device to that object. This process is elementary and operates like a bicycle chain, but for your laptop. For business owners that operate in public spaces, a security lock cable can be useful in storefronts, offices, and classrooms as well.

When it comes to workstations, Legion offers laptop lock cables that features multiple lock heads to secure multiple devices with a single cable. We can also assist with custom solutions if you want to secure workstation devices at the office or demo models in your storefront. We also sell backpacks and carry cases that can accompany your laptop lock cable perfectly.

When you need a supplier of laptop lock cables in South Africa, Legion has you covered! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available security lock cables and backpacks and place your order directly with us today!

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