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Do you own a Dell laptop or notebook and need a security lock cable that is compatible with the lock slot on your device? Legion is your supplier of Dell laptop lock cables in South Africa! Our range of laptop security lock cables includes options for devices that feature K-slot standard, K-slot Nano, and Noble lock slots respectively. Legion also stocks a range of laptop carry cases and backpacks to make it easier for you to travel with your device – whether it is to class, office, or overseas.

Where Can I Use a Security Lock Cable?

Security lock cables are designed to loop around a heavy or immovable object and plug into the lock slot on your device to attach your device to set object. As a result, you can use your security lock cable in public spaces such as classrooms, coffee shops, and airport lobbies to protect your device. A security lock cable serves 2 functions – protecting your Dell laptop and protecting the sentivie and private data and information on your device.

The Concept of a Security Lock Cable

Dell favours the Noble lock slot on their thinner and smaller laptop and notebooks, as this lock slot offers a more compact solution in direct comparison to the standard K-slot variant. Therefore, most Dell laptop lock slots are fitted with the Noble lock slot that is designed to house a wedge lock as opposed to a T-bar that would require more vertical space to lock into place. The concept of a security lock cable is to be compatible with the specific lock slot on your device and act as a means to attach your laptop or notebook to a large or heavy object, much like a bicycle chain.

Noble lock slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm in size – making them definitively distinguishable from USB, HDMI, and Micro SD slots. These lock slots are worked into the design of your laptop or notebook to be purposefully located next to an essential component. The purpose of its location is to cause damage to this essential component in case the lock is forcefully removed from the lock slot. Therefore, the device will not function anymore, and your private information will be protected accordingly. This also means that the device will be worthless – with noticeable aesthetic damage to its shell and non-functional responses.

Legion’s Security Lock Cables

When shopping for a Dell laptop lock cable, Legion offers a sensible selection to suit your needs. Wedge locks are normally operated with a 4-digit combination lock that give you 10 000 different combination options, with the function to reset your combination. We use commercial-grade alloys to manufacture our lock heads and attach them to a galvanised steel cable tat is sheathed in a layer of PVC to offer optimal protection against basic cutting tools.

Start 2023 off right by getting your hands on a on of our Dell laptop locks! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available security lock cables and place your order with Legion today! Protect your Dell laptop in public spaces and discourage any petty theft attempts with Legion’s security lock cables in 2023.

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