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Your Supplier of Laptop Backpacks and Cases in South Africa

Are you in the market for a quality laptop backpack or carry case? Legion is your first choice in South Africa! We stock the Port range that is designed in Paris to give our customers a selection of quality backpacks and carry cases. We also manufacture and sell laptop and notebook security lock cables to ensure that you can attach your mobile device to an immovable or heavy object when using it in public spaces.

Travelling with Your Laptop

As a working professional in a corporate world, you need your laptop wherever you go. Not only does your laptop give you access to all your digital accounts, but also a platform on which you can get work done – no matter where you are. With one of our laptop backpacks or carry cases, you can travel in style – knowing that your device is protected and secure. Our backpacks and carry cases are ideal for carry-on luggage on airplanes as well. Now, you can take out your laptop mid-flight and get some work done before touching down at your destination!

The Perfect Fit

There are several laptop and notebook sizes to choose from today, with the most common laptop sizes hovering between 15″ and 17″. For notebooks, it can go down to 11″ for a more compact and lighter option. Our range of laptop backpacks and cases is designed to fit 15,6″ devices. By considering the size of your device, you can get the perfect fit when shopping for a backpack or carry case – ensuring that your device is secure and does not move around when carrying your bag.

An Affordable Option

Our Legion 15,6″ Value laptop backpack is an affordable option for anyone who owns a laptop and needs a quality backpack for their device. This bag is manufactured with 210D polyester and gabardine linen, carrying a life-time warranty to speak to its quality and durability. On its own, the bag weighs only 460 g – making it a light and compact option. It is available in black or grey and can be your solution to a light travel bag that allows you to take your laptop wherever you go.

An Option for the Ladies

Our Legion Supreme Ladies’ Case is an ideal option for when you want to add some flare to your laptop backpack or carry case. This tote-style carry case features slings that are designed to either carry the bag in your hands or throw it over your shoulder. It is manufactured from high-quality nylon and weighs 1,25 kg, available in black pin stripe, and featuring various miscellaneous storage compartments.

When you need a supplier of laptop backpacks and carry cases in South Africa, Legion is your answer. Please browse our website for details on our available backpacks and carry cases and order yours today! You can also find our selection of lock cables on our website, which will go perfectly with your backpack or carry case. Get your essential laptop and notebook accessories at Legion today.

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