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When you need a security lock cable for your laptop or notebook, Legion offers a variety of laptop locks for sale that are compatible with K-slot Standard, K-Slot Nano, and Noble lock slots respectively. We offer solutions for single and multiple lock-head cables and can also accommodate custom solutions for businesses with demo/display areas or workstations that feature multiple devices. Today, we discuss the various types of lock slots and compatible laptop locks that fit these lock slots.

K-Slot Standard Lock Slot

Most hardware from leading manufacturers features a standard Kensington lock slot, or K-slot for short. This lock slot is 3 mm x 7 mm and easily distinguishable from USB, HDMI, and USB-C slots. It is commonly marked with a small lock icon and capitalised “K” next to the lock slot. This lock slot fits a T-bar lock that rotates into place for optimal resistance against applied force. Our range of laptop locks includes both round-key and 4-digit combination lock options for standard K-slot compatible security lock cables. This type of lock slot is also commonly found on display monitors, external audio controllers, and printers to only name a few.

K-Slot Nano Lock Slot

With the modernistic approach of notebook manufacturing, the Nano version of the K-slot is commonly found on smaller devices. As far as laptop locks go, it provides perpendicular force resistance when a security lock cable is plugged into the lock slot and locked into place. This lock slot is 2,5 mm x 6 mm and delivers similar characteristics to its standard counterpart. Legion offers laptop locks that feature K-slot Nano compatible lock heads in single and multiple lock-head cables to accommodate your needs.

Noble Wedge Lock Slot

If you are the owner of a Dell notebook, your device most probably features a Noble Wedge lock slot. This type of lock slot is the go-to choice for laptops and notebooks that are slimmed down, thinner, and lighter. This lock slot is 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm and fits a trapezoidal wedge lock that springs into place when locked. Usually, laptop locks that feature locking mechanisms that are compatible with Noble lock slots are operated with 4-digit combination lock heads. Legion offers security lock cables that feature single or multiple lock heads that are compatible with Noble wedge lock slots.

The Legion 3-in-1 Key Notebook Lock

When you need a laptop lock that is compatible with K-slot Standard, K-Slot Nano, and Noble Wedge lock slots, the Legion 3-in-1 Key Notebook lock is your all-in-one solution. Featuring a single cable that is manufactured from galvanised steel and sheathed in PVC, coupled to 3 individual lock heads with a swivel joint, this security lock cable is the definitive answer. The lock heads operate with a push-to-lock function and unlocks with a single key for optimal user-friendly operation. It comes with a Velcro strap and features a 3-year warranty.

Legion is your supplier of laptop locks in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available security lock cables, backpacks, and carrycases, and order yours today! Ensure the safety of your device when using it in public spaces with one of our laptop locks.

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