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Your Supplier of Notebook Security Lock Cables in South Africa

Do you own a notebook and want to protect your device when using it in public spaces or at home? Legion is your solution! We offer a wide range of notebook security lock cables that are compatible with Nano lock slots, standard K-slots, and Noble lock slots respectively. We also sell a variety of backpacks and carry cases that are perfect for travelling with your laptop or notebook. There are several benefits to using a security lock cable for your device. Today, we will talk about efficient uses for these cables and what you can expect from them.

The Function of a Security Lock Cable

We live in a world where almost everyone utilises a laptop or notebook in their daily lives. Whether you are a student, academic, frequent traveller, or corporate professional, your personal computer travels with you. The problem with using your laptop or notebook in a public space is that it becomes an easy target for petty theft. Should someone grab your device, they will also gain access to your personal accounts and sensitive data or information that is stored on your computer.

The function of a security lock cable is to allow you to attach your mobile computer to an immovable object by means of the cable that loops around the object and plugs into your device, locking into place by use of the designated lock slot. These lock slots are strategically located on your device to ensure that, in the event of someone breaking the cable free from the slot, it would cause irreparable damage to the device and render it useless. Therefore, a security lock cable protects the sensitive information on your device as well.

Correctly Identifying the Lock Slot on Your Device

Kensington lock slots are commonly used on most laptops – with a slot size of 3 mm x 7 mm that is labelled by a “K” and a small lock icon. Noble wedge lock slots are used on thinner and smaller devices, and highly favoured by manufacturers such as Dell. These lock slots are 3,2 mm x 4,5 mm. Nano lock slots are more compact versions of the standard K-slot, with a slot gap that is 2,5 mm x 6 mm. Lock slots are easily distinguishable from other standard slots such as HDMI, display port, and USB slots.

Nano lock slots are commonly used on Lenovo notebooks and can also be found on other compact notebooks from leading manufacturers. Legion offers a sensible selection when it comes to notebook security lock cables to ensure that you can find the ideal lock cable that suits your needs. We sell 4-digit combination lock types, round-key-operated locks, cables with single lock heads, and cables with multiple lock heads. We can also assist with custom cables to ensure that you have the ideal cable for your setup.

When you need quality laptop and notebook accessories in South Africa, choose Legion today for a wide selection of laptop and notebook security lock cables that are compatible with K-slot standard lock slots, Nano lock slots, and Noble lock slots. Feel free to browse our website and place your order with us today to kick off 2023 on the right note.

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