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Your Supplier of Notebook Security Locks Cables that are Compatible with Dell Notebooks

Do you own a Dell notebook and are in the market for a sensible solution to secure your hardware while using it in public spaces? Legion has your answer! We sell a variety of security lock cables that are compatible with K-Slot Standard, K-Slot Nano, and Noble lock slots respectively. The most common lock slot that is used on Dell notebooks is the Noble wedge lock slot. Because of its smaller physical size, it is suitable to thinner, slimmed down, and smaller devices.

How Does a Security Lock Cable Work?

Our selection of Dell locks offers notebook security lock cables that loop around themselves to deliver a sensible solution for Dell notebook owners who want to secure their device to a heavy or immovable object. Working on a similar principle as a bicycle chain, such a security lock cable loops around a heavy object and plugs into the device via a locking mechanism that locks into place. The cable secures the device to the object and discourages petty theft attempts.

If someone tries to cut the cable on your Dell lock, they must cut through a galvanised steel cable that is sheathed in a layer of PVC plastic for optimal resistance against basic cutting tools. If someone tries to break the locking mechanism free from the Dell lock slot, they risk permanent damage to the device, as the lock slot is strategically located adjacent to an essential component on the device. If they succeed, their action will lead to irreparable damage to the device – rendering it useless and inaccessible. Therefore, a notebook security lock cable protects more than just your device – it also protects the sensitive data and personal information on your device.

Dell Locks with Single Lock Heads

Legion offers Dell locks that feature single lock heads for people who simply want a single cable to use in public spaces. Our Wedge Combination Notebook Lock is designed to fit Noble wedge lock slots and features a 2-m cable that attaches to its lock head to ensure a sensible cable length. The cable is manufactured from galvanised high-tensile steel and sheathed in a dark smoke PVC layer for optimal resistance against standard cutting tools. The locking mechanism features a 4-digit combination lock. This Dell lock carries a 3-year warranty and includes a bumper spacer and Velcro strap.

Dell Locks with Multiple Lock Heads

When using a workstation, you can benefit from a Dell lock that features multiple lock heads to secure multiple devices at your workstation with a single cable. Such a cable comes in handy when your workstation is in a public space such as an office or classroom. Our Double Combination Notebook Lock features a standard Noble wedge lock head with an additional twist lock head that is compatible with a K-Slot. It carries a 3-year warranty and comes with a table clamp, screw, and 2 foam spacers.

Legion is your supplier of Dell locks in South Africa! Whether you need a single, multiple, or custom solution that is compatible with Noble wedge locks, we can provide an ideal security lock cable that suits your needs. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available lock cables and place your order with us directly!

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