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Do you own a laptop or notebook and are in the market for quality laptop backpacks and carry cases? Legion is your all-inclusive supplier in Gauteng! We also offer a complete selection of laptop security lock cables that are compatible with Kensington Standard and Nano, as well as Noble lock slots. As a result, no matter the type or brand of your laptop or notebook, you can have peace of mind that Legion has a solution to suit your travelling and security needs!

Which is Better? Backpacks or Carrycases?

Backpacks are ideal for people who travel long distances with their laptops and notebooks, or simply prefer to carry a backpack as opposed to a carrycase. Carrycases are ideal for commuting and attending meetings, as a carrycase looks more professional, and a backpack looks more casual/functional. In the end, laptop backpacks are suitable to students and people who travel on planes, while carrycases are suitable to corporate environments, although it all comes down to personal preference. Luckily, Legion can assist you with both laptop backpacks and carrycases!

The Legion 15,6″ Value Backpack – Essential and Functional

The Legion 15,6″ Value Backpack is an essential and functional choice when it comes to laptop backpacks – available in black or grey. On its own, this backpack only weighs 0,46 kg, resulting in a light and durable bag for your laptop or notebook. This backpack is manufactured from 210D polyester and gabardine linen to ensure its durability and make it feasible for long-distance travelling and daily campus usage. It has a padded area that is ideally suited to 15,6″ devices and carries a life-time warranty as well.

The Legion 15,6″ Executive Backpack – More Storage Room

The Legion 15,6″ Executive Backpack is an ideal option for people who consistently travel with their devices. This laptop backpack has several storage compartments that are ideal to carry travel essentials and laptop accessories along with you, wherever you go. It weighs 1,1 kg on its own and is manufactured from nylon to ensure that this bag can handle daily usage without tearing apart. It also carries a life-time warranty and can be the perfect travel partner for jetsetters and students alike.

What About Laptop Security?

When using your device in public spaces such as classrooms, airport lobbies, and restaurants, you want peace of mind that someone will not simply try to grab your device and take off with it. This is where our selection of laptop security lock cables comes into play. These cables loop around a heavy or immovable object and lock into the lock slot of your device – attaching your device to that object to discourage any petty theft attempts and protect your device and personal information.

Legion is your first choice when it comes to laptop backpacks in Gauteng! You can also add a laptop security lock cable to your purchase that is compatible with your device to ensure the safe usage of your device in public spaces. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products on our website today and place your order directly with us! Get your hands on quality laptop accessories with Legion on your side!

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