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If you are looking for a security cable that is compatible with Dell laptop locks, Legion is your first choice in South Africa! We sell security lock cables that are compatible with Kensington Standard, Kensington Nano, and Noble Wedge lock slots. In the case of Dell laptops, you are most likely working with a Noble wedge lock slot to accommodate thinner and more compact laptops. Today, we will discuss the functionality of security lock cables and how they can protect your device and personal information from petty theft attempts in public spaces.

The Function and Operation of a Security Lock Cable for my Dell Laptop

Dell laptops commonly feature Noble lock slots that fit wedge lock types to allow the owner to attach the device to a heavy or immovable object with a cable that resists common cutting tools. The cable is designed to loop around itself – creating a feasible method to attach your device to various heavy objects within a public space. Now, you can confidently work on your Dell laptop in airport lobbies, coffee shops, and classrooms – knowing that your device is protected.

How Can a Security Lock Cable Protect My Personal Information?

Personal laptops usually contain sensitive information that allow access to bank accounts, e-mails, and social media accounts. In case your device is broken free from the security lock cable, the locking mechanism’s forceful removal will cause irreparable damage to the device – rendering it worthless and not functioning correctly. Therefore, the thief will not have access to your personal information and can’t sell your device for a quick buck either. Security lock cables are also useful in store fronts that demo various laptops and notebooks.

The Legion Wedge Combination Notebook Lock

Our Legion wedge combination notebook lock is an ideal choice to fit Dell laptop locks. The locking mechanism operates with a 4-digit combination lock that is capable of 10 000 possible combinations. It is a hassle-free lock that doesn’t require a key to unlock – manufactured from high-quality alloy for optimal quality and resistance. The cable is manufactured from high-tensile galvanised steel and sheathed in dark smoke PVC for optimal resistance against cutting tools such as scissors and pocketknives.

The Legion Double Combination Notebook Lock

Our Legion double combination notebook lock features twist and wedge lock heads to accommodate workstations that feature Dell Latitude notebooks and monitors. The wedge lock fits the Dell laptop lock, while the twist lock is intended for the monitor. The cable length is 1,8 m and features a 30-cm slidable cable extension for the secondary lock head. It includes a table clamp, screw, 2 foam spacers, and a 3-year warranty to ensure that your security lock cable can properly attach both notebook and monitor at your workstation.

Legion is your first choice when you need a security lock cable that is compatible with Dell laptop locks. Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available products and place your order with us today! We also offer a range of backpacks and carry cases that would make for ideal gifting ideas this holiday season.

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