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Your Supplier of Security Lock Cables that are Compatible with Kensington Lock Slots

Are you looking for a supplier of security lock cables that are compatible with Kensington lock slots? Legion is your first choice in South Africa! We offer a sensible selection of security lock cables that are compatible with K-slot Standard, K-slot Nano, or Noble wedge lock slots respectively – giving you a comprehensive selection to find the ideal security lock cable that fits your device. Today, we focus on the Kensington lock slot and the type of security lock cables that fits this specific lock slot.

What is the Difference Between a Kensington and Noble Lock Slot?

Kensington lock slots, also known as K-slots for short, fit a specific type of locking mechanism. This locking mechanism is normally operated by a round-key lock head but can also be operated by a 4-digit combination lock. K-slots are designed to fit a T-bar lock that rotates into place to offer perpendicular resistance when someone pulls on the locking mechanism. With a sturdy and robust approach, this lock slot delivers smart and durable security for various types of hardware – including display monitors, printers, and external audio controllers.

Noble, on the other hand, is designed to fit a wedge locking mechanism that is more suited to thinner devices that do not necessarily have the room for a T-bar to rotate into place. Since laptops and notebooks are becoming smaller and thinner, Kensington also features a Nano option – offering the same concept of a T-bar rotation, only on a smaller scale. Therefore, the difference between Kensington and Noble lock slots are significant and owners should check their devices first before buying a security lock cable that might not be compatible with their device.

How Do I Identify a Kensington Lock Slot?

Standard Kensington lock slots are 3 mm x 7 mm and marked with a capitalised “K” that labels a small lock icon on the side of the lock slot. The lock slot would be strategically placed close to an essential component of your device to ensure that the damage caused by forceful removal would cause irreparable damage to your device. Although it sounds like a detrimental design flaw, the fact of the matter is that this concept protects the personal and sensitive information and data that is on your device – delivering a smart way of ensuring that your personal information is also protected in the process.

The Legion 3-in-1 Key Notebook Lock

The Legion 3-in-1 Key Notebook lock is designed to fit both Kensington lock slots, as well as Noble wedge lock slots, by featuring 3 distinct lock heads – one for each type of lock slot. This security lock cable is 4,4 mm thick and 2 m in length – manufactured from galvanised steel that is sheathed in a dark smoke PVC plastic coating and connected to the lock heads with swivel joints. The lock heads are manufactured from Zink alloy for the body, with a tubular key mechanism and a nickel finish.

When you need a solution to security lock cables that are compatible with Kensington lock slots, Legion is your supplier in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available products and place your order directly with us today!

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